What 2018 Daring Way participants said about their experience:

Attending the Daring Way Workshop with Maggie has been an incredible gift. To have the opportunity to connect deeply with my authentic self and with others all amidst the beautiful surrounds of Wilsons Promontory will be an experience I’ll never forget.
— Fiona
Prom + Weather = Magic (Einstein’s 3rd law of equanimity). Taught me to meditate and truly understand that I am a ruminator. I learnt to move into my body and the experience was new & revitalising.
— Grant
Maggie – your teaching as always is so heartfelt and spot on. The Daring Way Workshop was a gift that kept giving and growing and filling up my cup. The humour, love and kindness shared was inspirational. I was so enriched by the amazing food, beautiful walks, scenery and the course content; which made me fully examine so many myths about myself and has given me such strength to take into the big wide world.
— April
I think by reading Brene’s books and listening to endless Brene talks is always beneficial, however to immerse yourself in 5 days of her teachings & to incorporate mindfulness into the practice is the absolute icing on the cake. The big picture becomes so clear on how to actively rid yourself of shame; to finally believe you are worthy of love and belonging and start walking towards (maybe even run) to your heart’s highest desire…. Maggie’s teachings drop you gently and supportively into Brene’s Daring Way. What an incredible experience to be guided through, lovingly & supportively you years of repression and shame and to be shown a more authentic & loving way to be the person you were always destined to be
— Anon.
Maggie – you have to continue this work! This was amazing in every way!... For anyone at a cross roads in their life this is an excellent workshop! I love Brene, and Maggie is a kind and thoughtful facilitator. I felt so well taken care of.
— Anon.
A new beginning, a chance to cast off ‘dead weight’ and look at life through a whole new version of self.
— Bruce
Maggie is a remarkable woman. She dares to share her knowledge, her kindness, her vulnerability and her strengths. This allows others in the group to gently put their toe in the water towards a deeper understanding of themselves – to be supported in being brave.
— Jen
Dare to be great and do this retreat! This is an opportunity to understand yourself; love yourself; be a better braver version of yourself. To feel, really feel all emotions and be content with comfort and discomfort...Thank you, Maggie, for you! I felt safe to explore myself surrounded by a group who were on common ground and who felt safe to feel exposed. This was a ‘game/life’ changer for me and I will be ‘forever young’ and grateful to you!
— Anon.