Couple Counselling - Overview

Couples decide to seek counselling for all sorts of reasons.  They may feel that the relationship is in need of a tune-up, perhaps there is an issue that feels too big to be resolved without help, or high stress is impacting from changes such as new babies, teenage issues, job loss, grief, or financial difficulties.  If the relationship has become stuck in a long-term cycle of distress, lasting positive change may require quite a number of sessions over a long period of time.  It is important for both parties to understand this, and to commit to a process of change.  No matter how expert, no Therapist can “fix” the relationship.  Instead both partners will be invited to take responsibility for their part in the negative cycle, and be willing to actually “practice” something different to help create more closeness, safety and connection. 

If you are hoping to claim your couple sessions through Medicare, please discuss this with Maggie before your first appointment.  Unfortunately Medicare does not have a separate category for Couples, so it is important to consider this and plan financially before you commence the process.  Sometimes depression or anxiety is caused from relationship distress.  If this is the case and your GP is supportive, you may each be able to claim back a rebate for 5-10 sessions, providing the sessions are not being used for additional individual therapy.

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